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More for your members - better engagement for better health

Efunctional’s virtual solutions are helping health plans close gaps in care and improve STAR and HEDIS ratings for Medicare and Medicaid. Our products increase engagement and allow members to take charge of monitoring their health.

Get healthier from home with Efunctional

Increase member engagement

At-home Wellness Screenings​

Efunctional at-home tests and screenings remove barriers to engagement. Micronutrient Deficiency, Food Sensitivity, Colon Cancer, Coronavirus and STD tests offer members an easy, quick, and confidential way to take charge of their health and wellness from home.

Condition Management​

Support members from sample collection, to diagnosis, to treatment, and beyond with Efunctional’s all-inclusive resources. From our affordable and convenient sample collection kits to our secure results and resources portal, Efunctional is here to help you help your members achieve better health.

Clinical Support​

Board-certified Physicians are ready to provide guidance and support for your members. Our expert team of physicians review orders and results. In-depth self-collection instructions and video tutorials are available for each test. All results are housed on Efunctional secure and confidential portal.

Screen for risks and find a diagnosis

Time, cost, and privacy concerns are common barriers to engagement in health screenings. Efunctional’s at-home solutions can overcome those barriers and increase member participation in screenings for cost-saving early detection of common health issues.


Ongoing support for condition management

With at-home micronutrient and food sensitivity tests plus screenings for colon cancer, STDs, and COVID-19, Efunctional provides an easier way for members to track their wellness and stay up-to-date on preventative screenings. The secure web platform provides a convenient place for members to view screening and test results.


Solutions for health and wellness in a digital world

Attract and retain hard-to-reach members with Efunctional’s all-in-one resource. Integrated at-home sample collection kits, clinical-grade testing, and a digital management platform center member experiences to boost engagement, compliance, and satisfaction. The platform can also provide baseline health metrics and support population health efforts.


Customer friendly expirience

Secure, confidential and easy to use

Efunctional provides a state-of-the-art platform for both Employers and Employees. Quick and easy access to view results, track test kits and one’s overall health.


We look forward to discussing how the Efunctional platform can allow your members to take charge of monitoring their health.


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